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18 June, 2024

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STReight Slots - 3-symbol (colours) version

Three rotating /virtual cylinders on which are printed three colours or other symbols and a control panel with buttons for betting constitute the gambling game.

STReight Slots - 3-symbol version

The two yellow buttons, printed "pair any colour" and "three any colour", are used for betting on a certain sequence, any symbol (colour), pairs of any colour, and three of any colour.

To bet on a certain symbol, regardless of the winning sequence, but excluding the sequences that contain all symbols, the three white buttons showing the three symbols (colours) are used.

To bet on certain sequences of a certain symbol (colour) the green buttons positioned in the middle of the grid (where the yellow column of sequences crosses the white row of symbols) are used.

To bet on sequences that contain all symbols, regardless of their order, the "ALL" button must be pressed, and to bet on losing sequences, the "NONE" button must be used (this is optional).

After placing the chips or coins into the machine, the player defines bets by pressing one or more buttons. The draw begins, by pushing the "START" button.



The player presses the yellow button labelled "pair any colour"; after that he presses the button labelled "ALL", 3 times successively having, as a result, a bet totalling 4 chips. If the draw results in a combination formed by all colours, the player wins 3x3, meaning 9 chips.

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