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18 June, 2024

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STReight concept

STReight™ is based on a new game series whose concept was born in Spring of 2005 – InfiniBALL. It is practical in casinos or in specialized gaming halls, on the Internet, as a lottery system, as a gambling game in itself, or as a TV gambling game.

A number of drawn items, such as balls, cards, specially designed cards or dice coloured or labelled with numbers or symbols (geometric shapes) which, by random draw, form sequences that determine the value of a prize, and a real or virtual game board where the players may place bets, form the gambling game. As a main rule, the number of items of the same kind must be equal or grater than the number of symbols used, and the number of items drawn must be equal to the number of distinct symbols.

There are different games of STReight™ as follows: with 3 symbols (27 combinations), 4 symbols (256 combinations), 5 symbols (3,125 combinations), 6 symbols (46,656 combinations), 7 symbols (823,543 combinations) and 8 symbols (16,777,216 combinations). The game may use nine or more symbols (numbers, colours) but the number of possible combinations rises very rapidly (for example, the 9 numbers game has no less than 387,420,489 combinations).

The main principle of the game is to shuffle the drawn items and randomly draw a number of them. The winning sequences are successions of items of the same kind such as, two adjacent items (pair), three in line, four in line, five in line, six in line, seven in line, eight in line, combinations of these sequences, arrangements with all the symbols as well as losing sequences on which bets are possible as an option.

The STReight™ game has the following advantages:

  • it uses a small number of random items - only 8 symbols generate 16,777,216 combinations;
  • the game has simple rules and is easy to play;
  • the number of possible combinations rises exponentially with the complexity of the game (the number of symbols used);
  • there are different prize schemas possible;
  • there are a large number of winning sequences (in fact, all the players win constantly) but with an assured and predictable house advantage;
  • high credibility of the game because of the limited possibilities for the organizer‘s intervention in the game;
  • it can be played in many variations as a Casino game, including slots and progressive games, SMS/WAP, online games, lotto, etc.;
  • it is a very simple game and inexpensive to produce in all its variants.

For example, there may be a game using four colours and the drawing method could use at least four items (cards) for each colour; so, there will be 16 cards in total. By randomly drawing four cards, the sequence may include two adjacent cards having the same colour (pair), two pairs, three in line, four of a kind, or a sequence having all the four colours (denoted ‘ALL’). Each of these sequences has a well-defined value in the game. Instead of colours, the items may be labelled with different geometric shapes, symbols, letters, and electronic drawing may also be used.

The players will win only if their bets on the game board match the drawn winning sequences. The house rules specify the appropriate payouts.

The name of the game, STReight, is a variation of the word "straight" meaning that the winning sequences are items in succession but it also means "straight eight" because the optimum playable number of symbols is eight, having 16,777,216 combinations in total. The ideal Casino game uses only four symbols, but the deck has eight cards for each symbol.

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