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30 May, 2024

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Lotto STReight features

  • More possible combinations in Lotto 8/8 – 16,777,216 combinations comparing with Lotto 6/49 which has only 13,983,816 combinations. The 9 numbers game has no less than 387,420,489 combinations.
  • Lotto 8/8 allows 8 or more numbers to be played allowing complicated games strategies. Together with the main game, there is a secondary option (HEADS), meaning the pair(s) of the first and the last numbers which can be different from the pair(s) in the played combination(s).
  • There are numerous prizes. In fact, 1 of 10 players wins - 10,038% winners at regular STReight and 1,562% at STReight heads.
  • The game can be easily implemented on the existing 6/49 machines without any hardware upgrades.
  • The game can be easily played by phone/SMS, also. In this case, the draw may take place daily.
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