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18 June, 2024

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Lotto STReight

Game summary

To play Lotto STReight™ or Lotto 8/8 the players must choose in an ordered fashion any eight Numbers, from 1 to 8, out of eight numbers. Eight numbers are drawn out of eight, one by one, and after each draw, the drawn number is put back into the drawing device. To win the Jackpot, the player must match all the eight Numbers. A seven Numbers match win the second highest prize. Matches of six, five, four, three and two Numbers win smaller prizes.

Game description

drawing device

An electronic /mechanic drawing device with eight balls inside, numbered or labelled with different symbols, and grids used by the players to mark their combinations, made the Lotto STReight™ game.

After each draw, the drawn ball is put back into the drawing device, being used for all drawings. The drawn combination forms, sequentially, formations that give the value of the prize.

As a general rule, the number of balls in the drawing device must be equal to the total number of symbols (numbers) used, and the number of the drawn balls must be equal to the number of symbols utilised.

There are different kinds of Lotto STReight™ as follow: with 3 symbols (27 combinations), 4 symbols (256 combinations), 5 symbols (3,125 combinations), 6 symbols (46,656 combinations), 7 symbols (823,543 combinations) and 8 symbols (16,777,216 combinations). The game may use nine or more symbols (numbers, colours) but the number of possible combinations rises exponentially (for example, the 9 numbers lotto has 387,420,489 combinations).

The game grid (ticket)

Lotto STReight™ grid

The grid for marking the gambling combination has a betting zone (white) that is divided in 64 sectors arranged on 8 rows and 8 columns. The numbered sectors (yellow) that represent the numbers for the drawing out marks the rows, and the sequence of played numbers (grey squares) marks the columns.

The players have to mark the equivalent of the chosen numbers in the betting zone (white squares) and may write down the combination in the grey squares, for reference. Consequently, each played number will have a correspondence on a certain row and column.

Next to the betting zone there are two red columns labeled HEADS used to play the first and the last numbers, as an option.

For playing the LOTTO game, the players have to choose an eight Numbers combination and then they have to mark the equivalent of the chosen numbers in the betting zone, so the variant can be red automatically. For a bigger gain, they can play more than one number for each position of the drawn combination. In this case, the filled grid will enclose more combinations. The number of resulting variants (combinations) will be calculated by multiplying the number of chosen Numbers on each white column.

HEADS option

Together with the main game, the players may choose to play the HEADS option meaning the pair(s) of the first and the last numbers which can be different from the pair(s) in the played combination(s). The number of HEADS variants will be given by multiplying the number of chosen Numbers on each red column.

For example, if a player marks two numbers on the left red column (2 and 4) and three on the right red column (1, 2 and 3), there will be 2*3=6 HEADS pairs, as follow:
  2-1   4-1
  2-2   4-2
  2-3   4-3

The payouts

Following the drawing could have been rewarded successively formations from 2 to 8 numbers in accordance with categories I-VII. In case of multiple formations, each of them will win separately. Also, winning combinations on HEADS are separately rewarded.

The prizes categories are:

  • I Category – all drawn numbers in the same order;
  • II Category – 7 successive numbers;
  • III Category – 6 successive numbers;
  • IV Category – 5 successive numbers;
  • V Category – 4 successive numbers;
  • VI Category – 3 successive numbers;
  • VII Category – 2 successive numbers;

Object of the game

To win at STReight™ the player needs to predict sequentially formations in the drawn combination.

Some players go with the winning formations calling them 'hot' formations and therefore likely to come up more times. Others see which formations did not come up for some time and bet on them believing that their turn is now due. Some players bet on many formations to increase their chances of winning at every deal. Other methodical players use specific STReight™ systems or methods, money management systems, or both.

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