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22 July, 2024

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STReight - Casino game

The Basics

Players, usually up to eight, play against the house represented by the croupier or dealer, who deals the cards and handles the wagers and payouts. There are two variants of the game. In the simple variant, the game uses special cards, which have four colours or symbols. In the classic cards variant, the game has a double board and the players are able to place their bets on the cards suites, and on their values as well.

Each player buys different coloured chips so that their bets are not mixed up. At the end of play, the players who win will exchange their coloured chips for "cash chips". These are special chips with the cash value printed on them. There are several denominations in various colours. The players then take these chips to the "cash desk" to exchange for cash money.


To play STReight™, after the dealer says "place your bets", players bet one or more chips on the bets areas 1, 2, 3, and 4. Following the dealer’s command "no more bets" no player can bet or modify a bet. The dealer shuffles the deck and draws four cards, which form sequences that give the value of the payouts. The winning sequences are one pair, two pairs, three in a row, four of a kind, arrangements with all 4 symbols, as well as losing sequences.

The players will win only if their bets match the drawn sequence, according to the payouts established by the house rules.

The payouts

The most used payout method is the "Only One" distribution, and the payout amounts are determined by the casino.


  • A bet on one symbol in any valid sequence, except the sequences with all the symbols, called a "colour bet", pays 4 to 1 (the player collects 5) (A).
  • A bet on pairs, no matter which symbol, called "pairs any colour", pays 1 to 1 (B).
  • A bet on 3 in line, no matter which symbol, called "three any colour", pays 7 to 1 (C).
  • A bet on 4 of a kind, no matter which symbol, called "four any colour", pays 50 to 1 (D).
  • A bet on pairs of one symbol, called "pairs colour" or "two colour", pays 7 to 1 (E).
  • A bet on 3 in line of one symbol, called "three colour", pays 30 to 1 (F).
  • A bet on 4 in line of one symbol, called "four colour", pays 200 to 1 (G).
  • A bet on all-symbols sequences, called "ALL", pays 7 to 1 (H).
  • A bet on no winning sequences, called "NONE", pays 1 to 1 (I) – this is optional.

Only pure sequences generate payouts; for example, a four of a kind sequence cannot be interpreted as a double pair.

Object of the game

To win at STReight™ the player needs to predict what sequence(s) the dealer will serve, and has the chance to bet on many sequences. This is by no means easy. In fact, chance plays an important part in this game.

Some players go with the winning sequences calling them "hot" sequences, which are likely to come up more often. Others see which sequences did not come up for some time and bet on them believing that their turn is now due. Some players bet on many sequences to increase their chances of winning at every deal, but this way the payout decreases considerably. Other methodical players use specific STReight™ systems or methods, money management systems, or both.

The house advantage

Depending on the payout method used, the house advantage decided by the casino varies. Because if more than one player simultaneously participates in the game there is almost certainly a winner. A minimum house advantage of 15.63% is recommended.

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