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22 July, 2024

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STReight, a simple math principle or a great game? You decide !

STReight concept

STReight™ is based on a new game series whose concept was born in Spring of 2005 – InfiniBALL. It is practical in casinos or in specialized gaming halls, on the Internet, as a lottery system, as a gambling game in itself, or as a TV gambling game.

A number of drawn items, such as balls, cards, specially designed cards or dice coloured or labelled with numbers or symbols (geometric shapes) which, by random draw, form sequences that determine the value of a prize, and a real or virtual game board where the players may place bets, form the gambling game. As a main rule, the number of items of the same kind must be equal or grater than the number of symbols used, and the number of items drawn must be equal to the number of distinct symbols.

There are different games of STReight™ as follows: with 3 symbols (27 combinations), 4 symbols (256 combinations), 5 symbols (3,125 combinations), 6 symbols (46,656 combinations), 7 symbols (823,543 combinations) and 8 symbols (16,777,216 combinations). The game may use nine or more symbols (numbers, colours) but the number of possible combinations rises very rapidly (for example, the 9 numbers game has no less than 387,420,489 combinations).

Lotto STReight

Game summary

To play Lotto STReight™ or Lotto 8/8 the players must choose in an ordered fashion any eight Numbers, from 1 to 8, out of eight numbers. Eight numbers are drawn out of eight, one by one, and after each draw, the drawn number is put back into the drawing device. To win the Jackpot, the player must match all the eight Numbers. A seven Numbers match win the second highest prize. Matches of six, five, four, three and two Numbers win smaller prizes.

STReight - Slots

Basic Principle

A number of rotating/virtual cylinders on which are printed colours or other symbols, and a control panel with buttons for betting, constitute the slots application of the STReight™ gambling game.

After placing the chips or coins into the machine, the player defines bets by pressing one or more buttons. The draw begins by pushing the "Start" button.

STReight - Casino game

The Basics

Players, usually up to eight, play against the house represented by the croupier or dealer, who deals the cards and handles the wagers and payouts. There are two variants of the game. In the simple variant, the game uses special cards, which have four colours or symbols. In the classic cards variant, the game has a double board and the players are able to place their bets on the cards suites, and on their values as well.

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