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12 June, 2024

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STReight 4x4. A simple alternative.

A game board (table), coloured chips sets used by players for placing the bets, and a 16 card set having 4 symbols (4 cards for each symbol), constitutes the gambling game.

The game board has the following betting areas:


  • area for a certain symbol in any valid sequence, excluding "ALL" symbol sequences, as row 1, divided into 4 sectors, each labelled with one of the symbols;
  • area for certain sequence of any symbol, as column 2, divided into 3 sectors numbered 2 for pairs, 3 for three in a row and 4 for four of a kind;
  • area for sequences made by certain symbols 3, which is divided into 12 sectors aligned in 3 rows and 4 columns;
  • area for "ALL" sequences 4, labelled "ALL".

For a better amalgamation, the card set could be larger (ideally 16 cards, which means 8 cards with the same symbol) and it is compulsory that the number of the cards of a kind is higher than the total number of used symbols, and the number of the drawn cards must be equal to the number of symbols used. Coloured balls, special cards, classic cards, dice, etc. could replace the cards.

STReight cards

Example. Dealer draws a combination having two pairs, spades and clubs.

A player has bet 3 chips a as follows: 2 chips on symbol sequence 1, one on spades and one on clubs, and one chip on a certain sequence of any symbol 3, that means pairs. The player gets back the winning chips, in this case all being fortunate.

For the chip placed on the pairs symbol (two any colour), the player receives 1 chip with the same value, and for the two chips placed on the symbol sequence (colour bet), one on spades and one on clubs, receives 4 chips having the same value.

Example. A player who has bet two chips b on the area for sequences made by certain symbols 3 - one on pairs of hearts and one on pairs of clubs - would receive just one chip, the winning one, found on the sector where the clubs column crosses the pairs row.

For the chip placed on pairs of clubs, the player receives 7 chips of the same value.

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