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24 April, 2024

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Variants of the game

STReight concept

STReight™ is based on a new game series whose concept was born in Spring of 2005 – InfiniBALL. It is practical in casinos or in specialized gaming halls, on the Internet, as a lottery system, as a gambling game in itself, or as a TV gambling game.

A number of drawn items, such as balls, cards, specially designed cards or dice coloured or labelled with numbers or symbols (geometric shapes) which, by random draw, form sequences that determine the value of a prize, and a real or virtual game board where the players may place bets, form the gambling game. As a main rule, the number of items of the same kind must be equal or grater than the number of symbols used, and the number of items drawn must be equal to the number of distinct symbols.

There are different games of STReight™ as follows: with 3 symbols (27 combinations), 4 symbols (256 combinations), 5 symbols (3,125 combinations), 6 symbols (46,656 combinations), 7 symbols (823,543 combinations) and 8 symbols (16,777,216 combinations). The game may use nine or more symbols (numbers, colours) but the number of possible combinations rises very rapidly (for example, the 9 numbers game has no less than 387,420,489 combinations).

The slots variant of STReight

The slots variant of STReight™ may use mechanical drawing. The rotating cylinders of the slots machines have numbers, symbols, geometrical shapes or full /incomplete colours printed on them.

Four cylinder STReight Slots

Four cylinder STReight Slots

STReight Dice with a game specific design

STReight™ Dice with a game specific design, each die being individualised, for example by colour depending on the model used. Because there is a need for an ordered arrangement after the dice are thrown, they will be arranged on a certain surface of the game board. The dice are specific for a 6x6 game. The 4x4 game could be also played with dice having four sides, or with modified dice having four active sides and two opposite sides with a hemispheric shape. In consequence, the thrown dice will show only the active faces.

STReight dice

Coloured STReight Dices, for six-symbol game

STReight balls, coloured or labelled with symbols

STReight™ balls coloured in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 colours or labelled with symbols. The number of balls having the same colour must be equal to the number of colours used. In consequence, the ball set will contain 16, 25, 36, 49, or 64 balls respectively. For more than 4 colours, incomplete /stripe colours could be used. Drawing can be manual, mechanical, or electronic. In addition, the balls can be printed with numbers, symbols, and geometrical shapes.

Coloured STReight balls

Coloured STReight balls, for 8-symbol game

Regular playing cards

Regular playing cards could be used without any changes. For example, a 4X4 game could be played with Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces only. After the draw, the values and suits of the cards could compose sequences as pairs, three in line, four in line, and "ALL".


STReight deck of cards

STReight™ deck of cards is the most used equipment for the Casino game. The cards have a specific design for the game on the face, usually coloured or with a certain symbol on it.

STReight deck of cards

STReight deck of cards labelled with "suits", for the four-symbol game

Variants of the game

In order to obtain sequences of colours or symbols, a few different approaches are possible. Therefore, to play the game, items such as balls, cards, specially designed cards or dice, coloured or labelled with numbers or symbols, may be drawn manually, electronically, or mechanically.


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